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Price of more than gas has skyrocketed
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I noticed an item in the paper recently that caught my attention. It stated that Social Security was projecting a cost-of-living adjustment of 0.9 percent for this year. This, after figuring that the cost of living had not gone up at all the last two years. Talk about adding insult to injury.

The only item mentioned in the article was the price of gasoline. Apparently the brains at Social Security do not buy groceries or pay utility bills, among other items that are shooting up like the Fourth of July fireworks.
If the Social Security people were meteorologists, I suppose they would tell their North Georgia agent to get up at dawn and record the temperature each day. Then they could assure us that it never gets above 70 degrees in North Georgia.

Makes as much sense as telling us that the cost of living has gone up 0.9 percent in three years.

Wyman Cook

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