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President doesnt use his intellect to solve problems
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My recent horoscope in The Times read as follows: "Those who don't see very deeply into a situation won't notice its complications. You wish you were in that group. Alas, you can tell where the problem lies, and you feel responsible to do something about it."

Another article presents the problem of withdrawal of troops from Iraq. I'm glad to see the troops coming home, but what I question is the timing. We have a president who does very little that doesn't reflect on politics. As much as I don't want that to be true in this case, I can't just accept it. His ranking in polls makes it necessary to start climbing the ladder, but please, not at the expense of others.

The papers each day have articles about veterans attempting to gain employment. It is, at best, a herculean effort. Now we are going to dump more servicemen into that pool?

I have heard how smart our president is. What does that mean? I worked with many people who had high IQs. Intelligence, when it can be used, is a godsend. When it can't be used, it is a waste.

Too many people I worked with, while blessed with high IQs, had little or no common sense. They were deeply versed in theory and book-learning, but could not convert it to everyday situations.

I feel this is what we have now in the White House. He attacks problems using unproven theories and his success record is next to nil. Then he surrounds himself with "yes" men and like thinkers. The net result is our present mess.

We are what we are exposed to. It appears his exposure is too small to be in the position he holds. He is obviously a reactionary who can't admit he is or was wrong. I am really afraid of what he had already done and continues to do.

I think bringing the troops home so soon and putting them into our unemployment mess and budget cut backs is another problem in the making.

He must learn to play "what if?" What would happen if he did this or that.

George Koesters