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More road signs, speed bumps are a waste; just enforce the law
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I see that the Gainesville City Council has voted to impede traffic even further by spending some $42,000 on speed bumps and more signs in the Lakeview Academy area.

Question: Did it ever occur to any members of the council to enforce speed limit laws already in place? Why inconvenience 98 percent of the drivers on these streets while all that was necessary was to simply enforce the law?

I would be willing to bet that this small city has twice the number of stop signs and speed bumps of a much larger one. Look at Riverside Drive and the surrounding area. Four-way stop signs are at all intersections plus speed bumps. How many thousands of gallons of gas are wasted at these unnecessary stops?

Why not try something really revolutionary like taking the city police away from writing speeding tickets on divided four-lane roads, where the speed limit is 35, and moving them where they are really needed? Of course that would cut in to the budgeted revenue.

Gene Cobb