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Local Presbyterian churches can choose whom they ordain
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The news is out that the Presbyterian Church of the USA now ordains gay and lesbians. This is troubling to many, including myself. The news reports would have you believe that all congregations will now ordain deacons and elders who are practicing homosexuals. This is not true. This is a local option, a decision for each congregation.

I know of only one and possible two or three other congregations in Northeast Georgia that will do this. The vast majority of congregations will not do this. It is a matter of local option.

It's like my infant baptism; there are some Baptist congregations who will accept my infant baptism were I to seek membership with them. There are also some Baptist congregations who ordain women as pastors and deacons and also will elect some who have been married, divorced and remarried to the ministry and deaconate. For us in the PCUSA, it is now local option. No higher authority can order a local PCUSA congregation to ordain to office an elder or deacon who is a practicing gay or lesbian.

Christ died for the sins of all of us. God loves all people everywhere. As a retired clergyman, I will not leave the PCUSA. There is no perfect church and if I found one and joined it, it would no longer be perfect. Local congregations cannot ordain anyone to the office of clergy. This is done by Presbyteries. Some may. Who knows?

George C. Kaulbach

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