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GOP candidates provide a lot of entertainment, few good ideas
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So Hillary’s campaign is entertaining to Eddy McEntire? Have you taken a few minutes to watch the Republican clown car? Seventeen individuals, each with more baggage than any Democratic candidate ever had. The top candidate is an entertainer ... with his own TV show!

The rest of them have cut revenue so much almost all the states are scrambling to just stay afloat, and none, including the federal government, have the funds necessary to fix our aging infrastructure which has been neglected for decades.

Two of the Republican candidates are facing indictments, and those who are or were governors lead states that are in dismal shape. Every one of them wants to go back into a U.S. boots-on-the-ground war, either in Iraq or Iran.

The problems cited with Hillary were all trumped-up charges by the Republicans and have all been proven that there was nothing there!

I agree with Mr. McEntire that the coverage of the 2016 slate of candidates is entertaining, but the top of the list is Mr. Trump, and the other 16 dreamers on the Republican slate.

Carole Scandrol
Flowery Branch


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