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Letter: You don’t have to be eloquent or loud to make a big difference

Are you afraid to speak up on today’s vital issues that you have strong convictions about, afraid because you think you don’t have adequate communication skills?

Then note this gem a Florida friend of mine saw on a bumper sticker: “A low quivering voice still is more powerful than 1,000 silent men.”

From all I have read about her, courageous discrimination-weary Rosa Parks had a “low quivering voice” that replied quietly when she was told to change her seat on that bus in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955. Soft-spoken as she was, however, her low decibel message helped shatter a pattern of segregation that had seemed forever unchangeable.

So I suggest that we forget about the eloquence we lack, the degrees we don’t have, the positions we don’t hold and the authority nobody granted us. Let’s speak up and speak often — and then watch our fervent statements become far more powerful than a thousand silent men

Bill Lampton


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