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Letter: When people have unity of purpose, they can accomplish great things together

Recently I was sitting in our monthly council meeting and there sat Pastor Autry, whom I will always be thankful to, because he gave up his position on the city council, the seat I was able to earn for the city of Lula. Someone always has to make a sacrifice so others can prosper. 

Our city is going through a new birth. I believe God has blessed us so we can bless others far and near. All of us, the mayor, city council, city manager, clerks and city employees, know there will be opposition of one kind or another, that people with different views and bad intentions will go after your strength. But we must build on our strength and beliefs for the future. We have come too far to look back. Know that good things don’t come easy. You will never change anything if you are afraid to confront it. 

I have heard and seen people from different backgrounds use all kind of ways and messages to hinder our progress. I urge you to read and remember the message in Proverbs 6: 16-19. I am a firm believer that if you want to bring people around to your way of thinking, you need to show them you are open to theirs. One must ask: Are you a warrior, whiner or a whimperer?

We have in land or other things we hold dear and value and wish to use it in many different ways. I remember when the Georgia Department of Transportation wanted to purchase 1 acre of land from us. I wasn’t too pleased in selling because I had something else in mind. However, I am so glad to see what a tremendous difference it has made for me and others in living, traveling and commercial trading and transportation now and for the future. 

So let us as a city be willing to sacrifice in giving up something good for something better. Here are things we have been able thus far for Lula and with your input: 

Veterans park and fountain; Jenrette Park; downtown parking addition; Street Scape Phases 1-3 complete; two new public restrooms downtown; Lula Park Rebranded As “Wellness Park,” with walking trails, tennis; new park development $120,000 grant to extend park access and trails; creation of “Christmas in the Park Festival and Parade;” adoption and monetary commitment to new Lula Fall Festival/Historic Society; adoption of code enforcement; awarded a Plan First Community one of only 30 Plus in the entire state for the second time in a row; Yard of the Month program; Phase One downtown street lights completed; some of the lowest fees for business licenses, garbage collection and water and sewer rates in Hall County; almost $11 million in grants over the last 10 years; Depot acquisition and construction; Railroad Days Parade and Festival for 43 years, one of the oldest parades in Hall and Banks County.

And no property taxes.

Mordecai Wilson

Lula City Councilman

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