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Letter: Voters must accept responsibility for updating their information
11072018 VOTE 3.jpg
Friendship I precinct voters were waiting in line for about 45 minutes to cast their ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in South Hall County. - photo by Scott Rogers

I was interested to see the many provisional ballots the Abrams people were counting. 

Many of my 80 years were spent helping with elections in Hall County, under the instruction of Anne Phillips. There are rules and regulations concerning a citizen’s ability to vote; elections supervisors do not make the rules. Lawmakers do that. 

The main requirement is in the hands of the individual citizen. Any time you change your name, or address you must let the U.S. Postal Service know if you want to get your mail. 

Likewise, if you want to vote in any election where you live, you have to register with the local elections office. This is your responsibility, not anyone else’s. 

Also, if you fail to go to the polls and vote, year after year, you can be purged from the list. Your inactivity indicates you no longer reside in the area, or you may be deceased. 

It is up to you to keep your registration current. 

The elections office will send you a card with your name, address and voting precinct on it. This card is a legal document and is important ! 

It should be kept in your wallet, like your driver’s license or other important cards. 

When you go to vote, you can simply refer to the card for the proper precinct and to see your name as listed. 

I usually check to see if I used my middle initial or my maiden name initial. It really is no big deal to absolutely match your registered name. 

As adults, old enough to vote, it is time we accept our own responsibility and not blame someone else for our shortcomings.

Evelyn Swann

Flowery Branch