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Letter: US is long overdue to change its Constitution and add term limits

I thought I would never say this, but I am glad Donald Trump got elected. This is for one reason only, that he may cause the American people to finally scrap our 230-year-old Constitution. The reasons are many, and almost every day Trump shows why this document has out lived its usefulness. 

To list just a few reasons:

There are no term limits for elected officials. Once a senator or representative is elected, he or she works not to represent their  constituents, but to get re-elected. This means pandering to the needs of the big money organizations and oligarchs (really rich folks). The needs of the majority of the voters are ignored.

There are no term limits for federal judges. The concept of lifetime tenure on the bench has some merit, but an “up or down” vote for judges after a term in office would allow the electorate to ensure that the courts are moving along with the times. 

It is too difficult to oust a president. Whether we are talking about Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon or Trump, the process to remove the president from office is too time-consuming and difficult. Consider the more efficient manner that the Parliament system in Great Britain uses. A vote of “no-confidence” will trigger the election process. America’s four-your term in office was fine when the Constitution was written. Now we have instantaneous communication, travel at the speed of sound and the threat of nuclear destruction. Incompetent presidents should not require months or years to be removed from office.

Revising the Constitution is a process that is too time-consuming and difficult. Article V of the Constitution requires proposed amendments must have two-thirds passage in the House and Senate and three-fourths of the states to approve any changes. The last Amendment approved was the 28th in 1992. So while a majority of Americans approve revision of the Second Amendment over guns, the chances of it getting fixed is slim. 

I could continue for several more pages, but I’ll stop now. I’m just glad our senile president got back from Europe without starting World War III. Maybe our republic can recover. 

Howard Stacy


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