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Letter: US decisions about Venezuela always come back oil
Juan Guaido, center, president of the National Assembly and self-proclaimed interim president, speaks Thursday, April 4, 2019, in a video call after a meeting with young opposition leaders at the National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela. Guaido leaped onto the stage of Venezuela's fraught political scene early this year, vowing to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and immediately drawing the socialist leader's ire. - photo by Associated Press

I noticed William McKee has written another letter supporting regime change in Venezuela and Cuba.

Apparently, now he thinks the USA should overthrow governments of every country in the world that does not willingly give us the right to rape and plunder its national assets. It's an interesting change.

Previously, McKee claimed to be concerned for the welfare, dignity and rights of the Venezuelan people. That's all gone now. The closing thought of his new letter was "Of course, the U.S. is looking out for its interests."

In his previous letter, McKee admitted knowing "the old days" of the U.S. leading coups behind the scenes in countries like Venezuela. Now he openly condones that policy. What happened to the will of the people and self-determination? Does that only work for him when the result is the guy U.S. corporations want to run the country?

To deserve democracy ourselves, we must respect democracy elsewhere, even when the result of an election is not what U.S. corporations wanted.

I've previously cited examples of U.S. interventions overthrowing democracies in other countries. We clearly don't care about democracy for other people.

Venezuela has vast oil reserves. God didn't give us the right to take it. Still, we've done such things repeatedly. We did it to Iran in 1953, and the Iranians hate us for it.

The U.S. installed Fulgencio Batista as dictator of Cuba and supported him. We preempted a democratic election to do that because Batista was losing the election.

Batista took control of the government as "provisional president.” That's the same term the U.S. calls Juan Guaidó in Venezuela.

Batista was installed so the mob could run the casinos and private U.S. corporations could take the assets of the Cuban people. In his new letter, McKee says "when the U.S. mob ran the casinos in Havana, they had to give Batista 30% of the winnings per month." That's called buying protection.

Batista is estimated to have murdered 20,000 Cubans while protecting the interests of the mob and U.S. corporations. In every case, dictators the U.S. has installed in other countries were more corrupt and oppressive than governments they replaced. This should provide warning for what's happening in Venezuela.

In his previous letter, McKee said Nicolas Maduro lost the election "to Juan Guaidó, who is the legitimate president by popular vote." That never happened. Guaidó never ran in that election. Guaidó was not even elected to head Venezuela’s National Assembly. He was appointed by his party under a "rotating presidency" arrangement. He was not even the first choice for that appointment.

The only people who actually voted for Guaidó were constituents of one small congressional district. No election has shown that a majority of Venezuelans want him to be president. Remember, we never respected the majority of Venezuelans who clearly elected Hugo Chavez.

This is about oil. Don't let anyone's propaganda fool you into thinking it's about justice or human rights.

Bruce Vandiver


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