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Letter: Trump is making America great again
In reference to Jim Grattan’s letter of June 5:

Your clearly stated revulsion of the personality of President Trump is quite similar, but more mildly stated, than my own revulsion of the president he replaced. I was horrified that voters would re-elect such an inept person as Obama. Mr. Grattan, please be prepared to be horrified in 2020.

I can say that the changes and improvements made so far by President Trump have been a benefit to our nation. Tax cuts put more money in taxpayers and non-taxpayers pockets.

Businesses leaders, with hope for the future, are spending/investing more money in plant, equipment, and technology. Businesses have hired millions of workers. The unemployment rates for minorities and others, too, are the lowest in many, many years. All good for America.

With regards to trade, the Chinese Communist Party, which owns and directly or indirectly controls their country’s businesses, is being thwarted — at least temporarily — from infiltrating the rest of the world’s (soon to be rolled out in the US) 5G communications network technology. Specifically, the Chinese Communist Party’s communications company Huawei Industries is set to provide hardware and software to United States corporations, government agencies and military. If implemented, it will give the Chinese Communist Party control over our communications and all of the data therein.

The Chinese government has declared that they want to control the world by 2049. For reference, read “The China Dream,” written by Liu Mingfu, a colonel in the People’s Liberation Army as a leading scholar at China’s National Defense University, published in 2009. Additionally, more facts on this subject can be found in Michael Pillsbury’s book “The Hundred-year Marathon.” Mr. Pillsbury has spent his life studying and writing about China politics as an employee of the United States federal government. So, avoiding Chinese control of our soon-to-come 5G communications is a good thing for America.

Uncontrolled illegal immigration has the power to gradually but surely ruin our entire freedom-loving country, as it is doing today in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, and Chicago, Illinois. The US Senate and House of Representatives has failed miserably for decades in their responsibility to enforce our borders. President Trump, who has absolutely no power to write or change laws, has been forced by Congressional inaction to take whatever lawful means at his disposal to keep our country secure. Security is the primary responsibility of the president of the United States. A more secure border is certainly good for US citizens.

The state of our US environment is one of the best in the world and getting cleaner and better every day. Trump has helped. Deregulation has also helped raise our GDP from a falling backward 1.8 of Obama to an almost double 3.2. Again, Trump puts America and our citizens first.

Make America Great Again.

Rick Frommer

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