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Letter: Talking points on immigration support fallacies
A man passes a section of border fencing that separates Tijuana, Mexico, with San Diego on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

Are immigration talking points true? When people recite talking points, do they really know anything about the topic?

“We’re a nation of immigrants.” Everybody knows our origin. What’s “a nation of immigrants” got to do with lawbreaking entrants?

“We must accept everyone. That’s who we are.” No, it’s not. We’ve proven over and over that we are a supremely generous and compassionate nation. At the same time, we’re a nation of laws. If we don’t enforce laws, we’ll have anarchy and self-destruct.

“We must accept immigrants from any country.” If Xanadont is a high-crime, terroristic nation, why ought we accept Xanadontians and risk the security of our citizens? Why not accept those from peaceful nations with stable governments? As with any sane government, self-preservation is in our nature.

“‘Undocumented immigrants deserve legal status.” First, drop the fake PC lingo. Unlawful border crossers are “illegal entrants.” “Immigrants” implies lawful entry. No lawbreaker “deserves” the reward of legal status; rather, deportation and the opportunity to enter legally. The rule of law is intended to apply to everyone fully and equally.

“Anchor babies have a right to be citizens.” From what law or where in our Constitution? 

Proponents claim the 14th Amendment: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.” The key is “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” The baby is subject to the same jurisdiction as its parents — their country of origin. The 14th does not confer citizenship on illegal entrants’ babies born here, just as it does not confer citizenship on babies born here of foreign diplomats stationed here. 

“Our Statue of Liberty says, ‘Give me your tired ...’” So we must not deport “undocumented immigrants.” Nuts! Our liberty message is for honest, industrious legal immigrants who admire America and desperately want to come here and assimilate.

“We need sanctuary cities and states for protection of ‘undocumented immigrants.’” No, we must enforce our federal laws on both deportation and crime. Federal law supersedes state law (with possible exception of nullification).

“We must promote multiculturalism.” No. Multiethnic immigrants must learn English, follow our rule of law, and assimilate into our culture — American culture. A nation with pockets of diverse cultures, especially those counter to our Constitution, will not long survive.

Recent news reported a multi-deported illegal entrant killed two deputies in California. In a courtroom with victims’ family present, he boasted of his murders and stated regret for not having killed more police. Secure borders would have prevented this and other despicable, repugnant and sickening crimes.

In the angst and chagrin of hearing truth, some will scream “insensitive, not inclusive, bigoted and xenophobic.” That’s the axis-of-PC’s standard painting of constitutionalists and rule-of-law conformers. Would-be name-callers may want to set about protecting their families and loved ones from MS13 gangs; multideported, criminal and felon illegal entrants; drunken illegal drivers; and those bent on terror and the destruction of America.

Gary B. Hulsey


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