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Letter: Socialism is not what Jesus taught, and it won’t solve all our problems
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In Thursday’s Times, the editorial cartoon by Andy Marlette depicted a gun toting, Bible holding, white, male conservative and a young female. In the first scene, the conservative screams that leftists are preaching socialist ideals. In the second scene the young woman warns “just wait until you read what Jesus said in the Bible.”

This cartoon is very important because we see that many Christians have been taught inaccurately about Jesus and his ministry. His ministry is not political. 

Should we be surprised? Even some of the disciples who walked with him wanted, expected, a political king who would restore the nation of Israel. Not until Pentecost and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit did they come to a full realization of who Jesus was and what his ministry was. Instead of an earthly ruler, Jesus was a suffering servant. He was God in the flesh. He was the perfect sacrifice that would atone for the sins of all who would repent and place their faith and trust in his finished work.

Today there are many preachers, pastors and priests that teach a false doctrine that perverts the gospel of Jesus and him crucified. Instead, they transform his ministry into a political action gospel of social justice. They seek redistribution of wealth with the aim of equal prosperity for all. He never promised equal outcomes in this life. He told us that the poor we would always have with us. What he did promise is eternal life through repentance and faith in him.

Jesus left us with two commands. First to love the Lord our God. The second is to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our ability to do each of those comes from the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. 

The love we show to one another is an outpouring of the gracious love God has extended to us. We will never solve poverty. We will never feed all the hungry. Even governments can not do those things. What we can do, as individual believers, is to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our Lord.

Thomas Day


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