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Letter: Seniors facing enough expenses, don’t need to be hit by school tax
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Marley Henson, a fourth-grader at Martin Technology Academy of Math and Science, watches a video at home Wednesday as part of online instruction. - photo by David Barnes

I was very disturbed and incensed by the lead article Friday, July 6, regarding school tax exemptions, especially for seniors. Brian Sloan of the Board of Education and Chairman Nath Morris seem to blame the elderly and disabled for most of the school financing problems.

They forget that the seniors generally have no children in the school system and have paid school taxes forever.

It is that trend of thought that disturbs me. I am a 91-year-old senior, trying hard to stay out of a nursing home. Many factors are working against this, however.

The last two times the Social Security cost of living increase was made, the cost of Medicare insurance being taken out was a few dollars more than the increase. Thus, we got less. 

I recently got a notice that Hall County had assessed my property 64 percent more than last year. The thought crossed my mind, “Are they trying to make up the tax deficit for the county from me?”

Recently we had some underbrush removed from the backyard and the landscaper used his backhoe machine to pull up the debris. In the removal, he completely covered a water drain taking excess runoff water from rains. That was six weeks ago and all I can get from the contractor is promises to fix it. In the meantime, the rains come!

I could list other instances lately that seem to target old people. Could that be the latest trend? 

John Louis Westbrook


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