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Letter: Sea levels aren’t rising because of CO2; there are natural causes
Ghost forest
In this July 16, 2017, photo, the sun rises on a "ghost forest" near the Savannah River in Port Wentworth, Ga. Rising sea levels are killing trees along vast swaths of the North American coast by inundating them in salt water. The dead trees in what used to be thriving freshwater coastal environments are called “ghost forests” by researchers. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton) - photo by Associated Press

A recent two-column article in the Times pictured dead trees along the shoreline in New Jersey. The first line read something like this, “Dead trees close to the ocean, is the first sign of global warming according to science.” The proof for them is ocean levels are rising. I am a retired pastor with a seminary degree. I also have a keen interest in earth science.

Over the years, I have learned that all of Florida was ocean floor as well as part of Georgia up to Macon. Eons ago, Hawaii was under the ocean. Alaska and Siberia were connected making a land bridge for people to come over to Alaska. That bridge is gone. The Himalayas were once sea floor. The Blue Ridge, Columbian and other mountain chains stretching up our national east coast from Georgia to Maine were once higher than the Himalayas.

Why am I telling you this? Ocean levels are not rising. The east cost is sinking. The Teutonic Plates some 30 to 40 miles beneath the earth’s crust on the east coast are shifting. The plate below the east coast is going under the plate beneath the Atlantic Ocean. In the far future the mountain range beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean will appear above the water.

Fact: We are in a global warming period which began around 1860. The temperature has risen a little over 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last 150 years. It will rise about 1 degree further by 2115 and another degree by 2215. This warming cooling cycle has gone on for eons. What affects this: The jet stream, ocean temperatures, volcano eruptions and the sun? Fact: The sea level is not rising.

Greenhouse gas, CO2, is vital to the growth of all crops we eat, nut trees, fruit trees, forests and your yard. The current parts per million of CO2 is around 600. The ideal for CO2 amount is between 2,000 and 3,000 PPM. Those who make a living filling greenhouses with a lot of what we eat as well as flowers and shrubbery and more pump CO2 into their greenhouse atmosphere thus enhancing the growth.

Incidentally, for the last total eclipse in Georgia, I pulled our three children out of school and we watched, without looking directly at the sun by punching a hole in a 3 x 5 filing card and a sheet of white paper. Place paper on the ground and hold the 3 x 5 above it. When the eclipse was total we did look up for about a minute. At that time the word was do not use welder’s goggles or welder’s shields. We were not told why.

George C. Kaulbach


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