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Letter: Robots can never replace caring, compassionate nurses
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I recently received a survey to fill out about my experience as a nurse. My goodness, where do I start? Well, for one thing, it has been a roller coaster ride.

In some countries robots are already being used as nurses. I certainly hope we do not start that here. You see, robots do not have feelings as we nurses do. I am proud to say the nurses I have worked around have gone way beyond their basic duties to care for their patients.

The United States is short of nurses. So please, young women and men, think hard about maybe becoming a nurse. It’s hard work but it also can be so rewarding.

Someone asked me why I became a nurse. I said I wanted to be a person with compassion for others. Robots are not compassionate.

On my survey, I filled out the work experience and said on it that I hope we continue to have more well-trained nurses for generation to come.

Sheilda Butler Adams


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