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Letter: Rich outside interests are trying to buy state candidates, election

The date for the midterm election is coming quickly. I, for one, do not want the leaders of and from the state of Georgia to come from the candidates who are funded by a few American Oligarchs from California and New York. 

These oligarchs have contributed millions of dollars to support candidates for elected state and federal offices. These oligarchs will expect their candidates to follow their instructions if elected. 

Remember when Michael Bloomberg funded anti-gun candidates? He was not successful getting his candidates elected.

I think no Georgian wants some delusional out-of-state billionaires to influence what happens in our state just because they are rich and can throw money around.

It is well-publicized that these American oligarchs have and are trying to influence the outcome of the upcoming elections in November. It is also well reported that the Democrats have been recipients of millions of dollars from these American oligarchs’ PACs.

Choose carefully how vote in this election.

John Bryan


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