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Letter: Residents can come together with new disabled adult community
10262018 COMMISSION 004.JPG
Attendees stand showing their support for the rezoning of Bogus Road for the construction of Adventures in Missions development during a Hall County commissioners' meeting on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018. - photo by Austin Steele

My name is Jane Grillo. I live in White County. I attended the Oct. 25 Hall County Board of Commissioners meeting to listen to the debate over the rezoning of the parcel on Bogus Road to clear the way for a residential housing program for adults with disabilities called Flourish.

I have a personal interest in this project because I work as a job coach and parent mentor in White County and I can tell you about the struggles families face to find a place for their adult children to live, work and be part of their communities after they finish their school careers.  

I also have a personal stake in programs such as this since I am the parent of a 17-year-old son with significant developmental disabilities.

It was hard to sit and listen to the residents of Bogus Road stand up and express their concerns about this project. They were, after all, talking about the people I know and love and have worked with for the last 12 years of my career and, the 17 years I have known my son.

The residents were understandably upset at the outcome of the commission’s vote to allow the requested rezoning and allow the project.

My hope is that the creators of the Flourish project and the leaders in the neighborhood might be able to come together and look at this project as the beginning of building a community. The residents have already started doing this just by their gathering of names for the 60-plus signature petition they presented in opposition to the project. 

Perhaps that same spirit of community will bring people to the table to discuss ways that they can now live together peacefully with their new neighbors.

It is just the kind of future I wish for my son. 

Jane Grillo


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