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Letter: Requiring work would help to fill empty jobs
A “Now Hiring” sign is seen outside of the Cook Out restaurant in Gainesville. - photo by David Barnes

In reading the Sunday article, “Workers hard to find” I couldn’t find anywhere in the story that would point the finger at lack of participation in the workforce as a reason. If you had studied the problem, you would have found that 55 percent of male workers ages 18 to 55, the prime workers’ ages, are not looking for jobs. Could that be the problem?

As Sen. David Perdue pointed out last week, over half of all legal and illegal immigrants have received some government assistance. And its not just immigrants that are not in the workforce; Social Security Disability is at a all time high. Do you know what over 50 percent of their disability is? Back pain and anxiety. Do you know anyone that has this ailment?

The country needs to have a safety net for the truly disabled, but beginning with Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s, people no longer need to work to have a good life. If a work requirement for able-bodied men were enacted, you would see the worker shortage disappear.

Bill Clinton’s work requirement for welfare, reduced the roles by 60 percent. Think this might help?

Gene Cobb


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