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Letter: Read the Mueller Report before you share your opinion on it
Robert Mueller
Special counsel Robert Mueller speaks at the Department of Justice Wednesday, May 29, 2019, in Washington, about the Russia investigation. - photo by Associated Press

In the June 7 edition of The Times, a gentleman wrote to attempt to defend Donald Trump from some pointed criticism concerning his presidency and character, asserting in part that the Mueller Report had found no evidence of cooperation between Trump associates and the Russians.

I have never spoken to or heard of that gentleman, but I can tell you one thing about him with complete certainty: this man has never read the Mueller Report in whole or in part.

How can I tell this? Because the entire first volume of Mueller’s report describes in painful detail how numerous Trump campaign officials and associates, including Trump’s own son, had contact with Russian operatives with connections to the Russian government and intelligence agencies.

To date multiple Americans with connections to Trump and multiple Russians with connections to their government have been indicted and convicted based on Mueller’s evidence of either carrying out this activity or trying to cover it up. The only saving factor for Trump was that Mueller found insufficient evidence to prove that the Trump campaign engaged in systematic and knowing cooperation with Russia. However, no literate person could have read the actual report and assert that the allegations concerning Trump’s associates and the Russians were not true.

The writer of this letter sadly follows a pattern for many Republicans of allowing someone else to tell him what is in a vitally important document rather than reading it himself.

It isn’t really his fault, most Republican politicians and leaders clearly have not read Mueller’s exhaustive summary of the evidence against Trump, either. But I believe most thinking Americans would agree that we do not wish to hear the opinions of Trump’s supporters on this document or any other unless the person offering the opinion is willing to actually read what the document says.

Bryan P. Sorohan


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