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Letter: Our community is filled with great people
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Recently I was driving down Green Street toward the bank. I struck the curb with my right front tire. I optimistically assumed that my tire had survived and continued on to the bank.

As I drove up to the outside teller, I felt the car kind of ooze down. I got out to inspect. The tire was as flat as an IHOP pancake.

I got out the spare, jack and other tools that came with the car. I attempted to use the jack, which looked like a piece out of a Lego set. I concluded right away the tools provided by Toyota were going to be a problem. I called my son-in-law and ask him to bring me my floor jack and lug wrench.

While waiting, a couple stopped and offered to help. I thanked them and said I had help on the way. As they were leaving, another couple walked out of the bank and offered to help. I also advised them I had someone on the way. They insisted on helping.

While we watched, her husband grabbed the jack and changed the tire without any problem. (It helps to know what you are doing.) His wife stayed there with us some 20 minutes in the cold wind in light clothing. Incidentally she was the bank manager.

What a blessing it is to live in a community where people are so willing to help when they see a need. We live in a great place, in a great land, filled with great people!

Gary Gambrell


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