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Letter: Neighborhood ‘bullies’ create, noise havoc for seniors
02012018 LETTER

You hear a lot about bullies in the schools, from middle school and through high school. It happens in every school in every city in every state, and we all need to be more alert and pay more attention.

What you don’t hear about are the “bullies” who harass, intimidate and basically pick on those of us who are older. Neighbors’ kids — and often their parents, too — ride noisy, non-licensed dirt bikes, three- and four-wheelers, etc., just for the noise. They go on the road with them “two-wheeling” or riding on one wheel. Even the pets shake and hide from the noise.

Fireworks are exploded at our house not only on holidays but any day the kids next door get together. This is harassment and disturbing the peace, at the very least. Hall County officials say they are on their own property and they can do whatever they want.

Some of us have bad hearts, lung cancer and other maladies that will cause problems now and in the future. I’m curious to know if other readers have any answers to these problems.

V. Richard Goforth

Flowery Branch

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