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Letter: Murrayville bank's closing is sad to see
02012018 LETTER

I was greatly saddened to hear that the United Community Bank branch in Murrayville would be closing soon. I guess this branch wasn’t doing enough business.

Maybe I am saddened because this is where many children first learned about banking. This is where they first started savings accounts, but maybe it’s just me.

I guess I am old-fashioned and just want things to stay the same way. I guess I just like to walk in and see beautiful smiles and people I know.

This bank has served this community for many years and will be greatly missed.

United Community Bank has grown and prospered. Thank you to the people at United Community Bank and to all that have worked there all these years.

If you have a chance, go by the Murrayville branch and say thank you to the wonderful people working there.

A special thank you to the current employees at the Murrayville branch: Lori Armour, Lisa Lamey, Esther Smallwood, Cassandra Garmon, Emily King and Donna Casper.

Many words would come to mind to describe the commitment, service and dedication these wonderful ladies have given while working there. I only need one simple word: beautiful.

Hopefully we will be lucky enough to see them at another location.

Randall Brookshire


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