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Letter: More should have been done to prevent fire that killed Faye Law
03262019 FIREalice_law.jpg
Alice Law was found in a Gainesville apartment filled with fire and items stacked to the ceiling. Just days after officials deemed the space unsafe due to hoarding, the apartment’s owner, Law, was pronounced dead, according to city spokeswoman Nikki Perry.

The recent Times front page article on Alice “Faye” Law cries out to add purpose to her terrible passing.  In brief, she was a clear and present danger to herself and others — the signals of which were ignored by all around her. Her living condition was known by family, friends and community services to be below any decent standard of living; her residence cited as uninhabitable due to flammable clutter; power turned off; informed but not enforced to leave dangerous living conditions.  

What would  satisfy basic need for her protection and eliminate the threat of fire to the community as a whole is recognition that a designation of “unfit for human occupancy” means that no human should remain within that designated area after such a determination.  

It is clear that immediate enforcement would require due process of law, which could be and should be satisfied by an emergency hearing before an appropriate judge.  

Law was obviously not protected by her family, friends and community. In her memory we all could and should to better in the future.   

Claude Tatro


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