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Letter: Lula needs people working together for its benefit

I am asking everyone here to give your full attention to our elected officials, as well as our city manager, city attorney and our most efficient city clerk, in trying to make things better in our community for everyone.

Everyone must ask themselves: Are we in a place where God has put us?

We sometimes feel we have things we are entitled to, one way or another.

There comes a time in our lives in trying to make things better in our community, we must be able to sacrifice some things we have or like for something better.

We don’t change people — whether they are people in general, our parents, husbands, wives or children — be dictating to them but by the way in which we demonstrate to them.

I am always happy to see the ladies of this community continue to work together to make things better for everyone, because we men think we are the head of the house, but we are only the neck supporting the head.

Please don’t let anyone try to discourage you from making improvements for the future for everyone. Everyone of us wish each and every one of you a happy Easter.

Please read Proverbs 6:16-19.

Mordecai Wilson

Lula councilman

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