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Letter: Lost dogs survived a year ago thanks to their bond, rescuers
Hall County Fire Services Lt. Nathan Crowe holds Sugar Bear on Jan. 3, 2017, after rescuing the pooch from an abandoned well off Ben Parks Road in Murrayville. Rescue personnel set up a tripod and hoist to lower Crowe down an estimated 35-foot shaft to reach the dog, which was standing in less than a foot of water.

A year ago our dogs had been lost in North Georgia, away from home, for almost a month, due to a pending out-of-state move. A great Murrayville resident saw our lost pet ad and posted flyers where the dogs were lost for me. Several folks called and said they saw one of the dogs in a certain area.

After numerous unsuccessful road trips, we were ready to give up. On Jan. 3, 2017, my wife returned one last time to the area and found the dogs. The Murrayville fire and rescue team rescued starving Sugar Bear from a 35-foot well. These men are the heroes who you live with and deserve everyone’s respect and support. They demonstrated professionalism and training rescuing a dog back then, but it could be your child tomorrow!

However, what was lost in that truly feel-good news was that Sugar Bear would have died in that well after almost three weeks had her furry sister Zoe not stayed in the area. It was Zoe that people saw, a really pretty black German shepherd. She stayed with Sugar Bear, and people saw her and reported her.

The news crews caught the rescue, but the Zoe angle was less reported. Even a dog values friendship with its kind. Thanks again to all that called, responded and helped in any way. May my neighbors in North Georgia have a prosperous year and reflect on the magic in even the least of us.

Jerry Smith

Rural Hall, N.C.

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