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Letter: Local property tax exemptions shouldn’t punish working seniors

Having had my property taxes increase over 40 percent in the last two years, I would ask that we amend the Department of Revenue laws regarding exemptions. Several counties in Georgia have a homestead Valuation Freeze Exemption which keeps the base year valuation as long as the homeowner resides there. These counties include Gwinnett and Fulton.

Partial exemptions for ages 62 and 65 have an unfair income stipulation. You are eligible if you have retirement income of $66,912, but if you work, the stipulation is $25,000 for 62 and $10,000 for 65. I believe the eligibility should be based on a set income level not on where the income comes from. I am convinced there are many residents who must work beyond retirement years to provide for themselves and perhaps other family members.

Having run into a dead end of how to address this issue, I have turned to media to enlighten others and perhaps find its way to the correct source to help change this law.

Susan Fifer


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