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Letter: Joy of Christmas is found through acts of kindness
12142017 SANTA 1

What a bitter, angry and unhappy man Mickey Montgomery must be. He can’t find any joy in celebrating Christmas due to our nation’s “immorality.” 

I hope he read the rest of the paper on the day his letter appeared. Just a few pages back, he would have read of a young lady from Nigeria who had penned a song: “I choose to be happy, I choose to feel blessed, I know that I am favored by God, and I am nothing less.”

This accomplished woman had travelled from a two-room shack in Lagos to Athens to attend the University of North Georgia. I don’t know what adversity Montgomery has faced in his life, but I’m willing to bet it was nothing compared to this future student’s rough road. She chooses to be happy. 

Our nation is not perfect, nor is the world, but great joy can be found in simple things. I work with a terrific bunch of volunteers at a local botanical garden. I am under no illusion that we all share the same political, religious or even moral beliefs. Yet we all unite in a common desire to make our corner of the world a little more beautiful for others to enjoy. 

Quit dwelling on negative things you cannot change, Mr. Montgomery. Give a toy or two to Toys for Tots, drop $20 in the Salvation Army bucket, volunteer at the hospital or deliver a meal to a shut-in. 

A single act of kindness might not change the world, but a million acts of kindness just might.

Jim Henderson


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