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Letter: Hit-and-run driver showed no remorse after causing wreck

Whoever was driving the dark-colored, four-door pickup truck late Thursday night that swerved into the rear of the white pickup truck my son was driving on Interstate 985 near the Oakwood exit — sending him spinning into the guardrail, then flipping and rolling sideways — and not bothering to stop and check on him may, in some perverse way, be relieved to know that he is not dead.

We are trying to understand how someone could be so heartless as to leave the scene of a life-threatening accident they caused. We can only guess at the reason: Were you falling asleep at the wheel? Texting? Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Driving without a license? Driving without insurance? An illegal resident?

Perhaps no one has ever explained the sanctity of life to you. Whatever your reason, it was inexcusable to drive on. Oh, and God help you if you did it on purpose.

Jack Buie


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