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Letter: Hatred for president is based on bitterness
02092018 WHITE HOUSE

Every person acts according to his or her nature. Some seem to be natural-born haters. You’ve heard their words and seen their body language and demeanor: dour, cynical, accusatory and angry. Compare them to those you know who are compassionate, optimistic and jovial.

Some are bitter at defeat; they didn’t deliver. So they turn their hate of loss and possible self-loathing to hate on the victors: our president and his supporters.

Some don’t like to see others succeed. When they see our president’s 2017 accomplishments and other successes, they hate him.

Some critique or judge only looking for flaws and liabilities, never for assets and positives. So they only see shortcomings and mistakes in anyone. They magnify our president’s flaws and develop a hate for him.

Some have a worldview in opposition to an American worldview, and hate our president’s “America first.”

Some have an ideology (Democratic Socialists of America, etc.) in opposition to capitalism and hate our president for his loyalty to our republic.

Some hold to a destructive agenda that demands they destroy anyone and anything that stands in their way. When our president’s policies and actions are not aligned with or impair their agenda, they hate him.

Some have been indoctrinated — brainwashed — in secondary government schools and liberal universities, to continually blame and degrade America. When our president speaks and acts in a patriotic manner, they hate him.

Many have bought into cultural Marxism, aka political correctness, which is a counterfeit of the truth. When our president shuns PC and speaks truth, they hate him.

Some elected officials lust for power and work only to stay in office. When our president’s positions and success threatens their status and continuance, they hate him.

Some live and die by the lie because they have a selfish, immoral or  corrupt agenda. When their lies about our president are exposed and refuted, they hate him.

Some are deceived as to right and wrong, good and evil, and oppose openness and honesty. When our president and his staff relate the truth and expose evil, the deceived hate him.

So what do we do? Support our president. Speak truth. Love the haters. Maybe their nature will change, and they will act accordingly.

Gary B. Hulsey


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