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Opinon: Choice to publish political cartoon drives us apart
04172021 David Horsey

I’m writing to express my disappointment in the editorial cartoon (from The Seattle Times) about police traffic stops that was published in the April 17 newspaper.

While admittedly this is a time where there is a large spotlight on law enforcement relations with the general public, this cartoon does nothing but fan the flames of this divisive issue. 

The national media has exploited every opportunity of possible police misconduct yet has rarely focused on the topic of personal responsibility. Almost every negative incident could be avoided if the offender complies during the encounter. 

When something goes bad the media always wants to Monday morning quarterback what else the officer might have done to change the negative outcome and ignores the poor decisions made by the offender.

We are very fortunate to have a positive relationship between our local community and our law enforcement officers at the Gainesville Police Department and Hall County Sheriff’s Office. 

I wish The Times would be more inclined toward running stories to enhance this already good relationship rather than publishing the above cartoon to drive us further apart.

Scotty Ball


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