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Opinion: Why is voter ID requirement so bothersome?
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Early voters arrive Friday, Oct. 30, 2020, to the City of Gainesville Downtown Building to cast their early ballot on the final day of early voting. - photo by Scott Rogers

William McKee in his letter to the editor in the Wednesday edition of The Times referred to the new voter laws as “divisive” and “discriminatory,” later referring to the “restrictive new voting laws.” 

William did not point out anything in the new law justifying either of the three descriptors. It would be interesting to hear his explanation of just why the laws are divisive and discriminatory. The laws apply equally to people of all colors and gender. 

The common justification that I’ve heard and read are that the laws make it hard for old and poor Black voters to vote. I fail to understand why it is any harder for an old poor Black voter to get to the polls than it is for an old poor White voter to do the same. I see no difference.

I haven’t read the actual law but have tried to listen to both sides. It appears that the primary change is a requirement that voters must present personal ID in certain phases of voting. Well, whoop-ti-doo. I’m 88 years old, and Kroger requires an ID before they will sell me a six pack of beer. 

In fact, I seldom get in my car, go anywhere and do anything without having to show my ID. What is the problem? If you don’t drive, the state will provide an ID for free.

No one seems to be bothered by requirements such as described in Kroger or a slew of other daily inane ID requirements everyone faces. 

Making sure that your vote goes where you want it to, and that all votes tabulated are legal may be one of, if not the most important, actions individuals can take!

Monte E. Seehorn


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