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Opinion: What we didn't know 19 years ago today
Plumes of smoke pour from the World Trade Center buildings in New York on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. - photo by Associated Press

19 years ago today,

People prepared for bed.

Thousands drifted off too dream,

Not knowing the nightmare ahead.

A final kiss, A final hug,

A final goodnight Mom and Dad.

Nobody knew in just a few,

The new day would be so bad.

19 years ago today,

People had hopes and dreams.

None included hijacked planes,

Or those unforgettable screams.

A final note, a final call,

A final " I'm coming home."

Nobody had a clue at all,

That the morning would go so wrong.

19 years ago today,

Firefighters went about their routine,

Gathered at the station,

Waiting on that bell to ring.

A final alarm, a final climb,

A final life they could save.

Nobody that night new,

What was waiting the next day.

19 years ago today,

Those towers still stood tall and strong.

The Pentagon was impenetrable,

But that thought sure was wrong.

And somewhere in Pennsylvania,

A field laid in wait.

For heroes who fought terrorists,

Hell bent on destroying the USA.

19 years is a longtime,

But the memory never fades.

Of the peace before the storm,

19 years ago today.

Mitchell B. Cooper


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