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Opinion: Voting problems must be fixed
06012020 ELEX 4.jpg
Voters take part in the primary election Tuesday, June 9, 2020, at the North Hall Community Center. - photo by Scott Rogers

Gov. Brian Kemp: I saw a quote in a newspaper article today that I think sums up, in my opinion, how we should all feel in Georgia regarding the myriad problems in the June 9 primary election. “I refuse to not be heard”. 

There is nothing more sacred to our democracy than the absolute integrity of our elections. I saw some finger pointing in newspaper articles today; one party blaming the other, although I don’t believe that was widespread. 

I certainly do not have enough information to articulate all of the problems that occurred, but it seems fair to say they were pretty extensive. Plain and simple, in my opinion, we need to fix this! Hopefully we are putting together a list of the problems that occurred; with the intent of formulating a plan to fix them. Nothing can be more important that the integrity of our elections. If it will take more money to fix this, I hope my two legislators would help to secure the funding needed. 

I implore all of you to do everything necessary to solve the problems we have been experiencing. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say our democracy is at stake. 

Steven M. Deming


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