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Opinion: Unopposed candidates shouldn’t be listed on ballot
06012020 ELEX 2.jpg
Voters are greeted by masked poll workers Tuesday, June 9, 2020, at the North Hall Community Center during the primary election. - photo by Scott Rogers

In the June 9 primary election, there were over 30 races with over 500,000 votes total cast in Hall County for unopposed candidates.  

These votes did not affect any results of the election but slowed down the election, caused longer lines, increased costs and, if there was a recount, would unnecessarily complicate the process.  

I hope that Georgia law can be changed to simplify the voting process with no loss in its outcome.

In Florida, they quit printing unopposed candidates on the ballot many years ago.  

Unopposed candidates in a primary are deemed to have voted for themselves and declared nominated for the office. Unopposed candidates (no other party, independent or write-in candidates) in a nonpartisan or general election are deemed to have voted for themselves and declared elected. 

For details of how Florida does this, check F.S.§99.061, §101.252 and §105.051.

John Sullivan 


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