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Opinion: Trump still harming America by failing to concede
11182020 Trump
President Donald Trump speaks at the White House, Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, in Washington. Although only a few of America's CEOs have made public statements about President Trump's refusal to accept his election loss, many are worried about it in private.

The American people have elected a new president and vice president, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Even after all the bogus lawsuits and recounts, the outcome will be the same. Over 77 million American people voted for the Biden/Harris ticket; more popular votes than any other president has ever received. Yet Trump will not concede, and his pandering loyalists won’t tell him to concede. 

Trump is a narcissistic ego-maniac who doesn’t like to lose. That’s bad enough. But he also cares nothing about the American people. By his refusing to concede he hinders the new administration in their efforts to prepare to take over on Jan. 20, 2021. Who does that hurt? You!

He is putting your lives in danger by not letting the succession to office proceed normally. He said at a press conference last week that he was not going to do anything to try to control the spread of the coronavirus. That means that 400,000 people will die by Dec. 31. That means that millions will be in the hospital in the next five weeks. Though many will survive, their recovery could be long, and many will have permanent damage to their lungs. That also means that the wisest of our population will stay home from restaurants and bars and shop from home for the holidays. And that will lead to closures of small businesses all over our country. But Mitch McConnel, Trump’s henchman in the Senate, says there will be no coronavirus relief package. So, although our government could help small businesses and individuals survive, they will let them flounder. People will die, businesses will close, families will be evicted from their homes, children will starve. That will be your Merry Christmas greeting from Trump!

What can you do? Call the White House, call your senators and congressmen, and demand that Trump begin to help the Biden/Harris administration prepare to govern! Begin the normal transition of power! Wear your mask! Then vote on Jan. 5 and elect two new senators who do care about your health and well-being!

Bette Holland


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