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Opinion: Time to change constitution to end Republican roadblocks

As we continue to suffer in the Trumpian Disaster that 2020 has become, the small light at the end of the tunnel is Joe Biden and a Democratic House and Senate. The Senate remains a question mark unless the voters in Georgia remove Perdue and Loeffler from office next month. Otherwise, we will be saddled with a continuing non-functional government. 

This roadblock to a functioning government is the US Constitution created in 1787, some 233 years ago. I propose that it is time to revisit this document. I keep a copy by my desk, hoping that some Article or Amendment will rescue us from Trumpian Disaster but nothing seems to work. The document was written at a time when information moved at the speed of horseback, when slavery was considered quite acceptable and when medical science had no vaccines or anesthesia. 

The Democratic controlled House attempted to remove Trump, but failed because of the roadblock of a Senate majority. If you think that the Senate voted to keep this pathogenic, lying sociopath in office because he was best for the country then I have some oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you. Those senators that voted to keep Trump did so because they feared that a vote against Trump would be used against them when they were up for re-election. Obviously term limits for US senators, representatives and federal judges would be my first change to the US Constitution. I think a 12-year limit for each of these is more than enough, with maybe a 15-year total limit in government service. 

Next, we need to add to the Constitution a method for removing the president that is less criminal than the ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’ listed in Article II, Section IV. This would be something similar to the ‘vote of no-confidence’ that is used in Britain to remove an unfit (but not criminal) chief executive. It worked to get Theresa May out of office before her term ended.

I remain a strong believer in the concept that this is a country of laws, not of men. But the laws that we have in place are seriously outdated. We will not get any change as long as the Republicans are in power or can block any reforms with their majority in the Senate. Warnock, Ossoff and Biden are our only hope to prevent another Trumpian Disaster down the road. The people of Georgia have a unique opportunity to take the first step in this direction, and we need to do so. 

Howard Stacy


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