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Opinion: The consequences of Biden’s policies
Biden Inflation Act 2
President Joe Biden speaks about the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 during a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

In the first 18 months of the Biden administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress, we have all learned the harsh lesson of how quickly good public policy can be overturned and with what disastrous consequences. Emotional hysteria in tandem with rigid ideology makes for incredibly bad legislation and horrific public policy.  Look at just the “short” list of actions and consequences.

The ill-advised, intemperate withdrawal from Afghanistan results not only in abandoning allies and American citizens there, but also leads to a Russian invasion of Ukraine and Chinese aggressiveness on Taiwan. The war on our energy industry begins on day 1. Our Southern border is dissolved by the administration with the predictable human trafficking, drug trafficking, record number of migrant deaths, crushing social services costs and the obvious national security implications as literally millions of illegal immigrants surge over the border unimpeded.  The Congress pours $4.5 trillion into an already recovering economy setting off (as predicted) the worst inflation in 40 years. $2 trillion in COVID relief money not already spent or stolen by fraud (estimated thus far to be $160 billion) is still sloshing around unspent.  But not content with that, an infrastructure bill (of which only 25% is devoted to infrastructure) is added and recently the Orwellian named Inflation Reduction Act (having nothing to do with reducing inflation) dumps a further $750 billion on top of that. 

Wait! There’s more. The president plans to pay off student loan debt in the amount of another $750 billion. Who is going to pay this astronomical bill with virtually no benefit to the working class of our country? You will. You’re paying right now with 8.5% annual inflation, but there are massive taxes and borrowing yet to come.

 Georgia voters in January 2021 made all of this possible by electing two rubber stamps to the U.S. Senate. I refer to the self- styled Sen. Rev. Warnock and the now Sen. Jon Ossoff. These two have voted for or remained silent on all of the above listed agenda items. 

As the most incompetent presidential cabinet in the country’s history tries to tighten its control over our daily lives, there are two courses we may choose. You and I may embrace the new socialist model of this government, surrender our individual rights guaranteed under the constitution and submit to the new racism now prevalent (where everyone is judged by their skin color rather than their character), or we may choose the only alternative available to us. We may do the prudent thing, the reasonable thing and remove as many Democrat lawmakers from the national legislature as possible in this November’s elections. That is the course I am advising for everyone with common sense and a love of liberty. We can start here in Georgia with the election of a new Republican Senator on Nov. 8. 

Bob Boyd