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Opinion: Spout Springs construction plan is a nightmare
Proposed Spout Springs apartment site
More than 300 apartments were proposed near the intersection of Spout Springs and Hog Mountain roads in Flowery Branch. - photo by Jeff Gill

It really bothers me every time an article is in The Times about construction and residential proposals that are going before the Hall County commissioners for approval and the people nearby the new projects are not happy about the construction.   

They shouldn’t be complaining about the new construction; they should be complaining about how Hall County commissioners split the acquisition and construction of Spout Springs Road into two projects.   

It is this kind of action that starts to mess with everyone’s life.  The south end of Spout Springs Road is a very dangerous road and getting more so every day.  People drive 60 miles an hour, pass you on the right side when you are trying to turn left into your neighborhood, try to pass you in the middle of the road when you are trying to turn right into your neighborhood. Trees block sight on the right and left. Cars and motorcycles driving way over the speed limit in the middle of the night.   

My biggest fear is an accident that will tie up the road and EMTs and fire department can’t get to an emergency. 

We have been under eminent domain for 10 years, and now after being disappointed three times about when we might get bought out by Hall County has been a nightmare.  Now, we are told between 2023-2025.  What kind of way is that to treat the people who have lived here and paid their taxes for 20 years?  We have replaced and repaired things in our house that were needed, new roof, two air conditioners, new appliances (which start to go after 20 years), etc.   

Now, we have to deal with not only other repair jobs but the changes that have taken place in our health and safety.  At this time in our lives, we need to be living in a community that builds homes for seniors.  We aren’t trying to fight the county on the acquisition of our home.  We would like for the nightmare to end so we can get on with our lives.    

We do not have the freedom to sell our home for fair market value.  Who is going to pay us fair market value for property that is going to be torn down?  We are not alone on this journey, and I hope all of our nightmares will end soon. 

Veronica deKozan 

Flowery Branch 

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