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Opinion: SPLOST pennies under close scrutiny, accountability
04172019 SPLOST 1.jpg
The SPLOST VII Citizen Review Committee held a quarterly meeting Tuesday, March 16, 2019, at the Hall County Library System’s Spout Springs branch in South Hall. - photo by Jeff Gill

As a member of the Citizens SPLOST advisory committee, I would like to assure my fellow citizens in Hall County that their investment in our longtime 1% sales tax is — and will continue to be — carefully monitored for accountability. 

I have witnessed firsthand how public officials and staffs who handle local SPLOST funds in Hall County and our cities take their responsibility very seriously.  Coming behind them, your independent citizens committee meets quarterly to verify expenditures, ask tough questions and make sure all funds collected are being spent as you, the taxpayer, have authorized with your yes vote. 

In addition, all collections and expenses for SPLOST are audited yearly by an outside CPA firm for accuracy. 

I hope you will join me in voting yes for the continuation of our local SPLOST during early voting now — or on Nov. 5. SPLOST has served our community well. And I, along with your watchdog committee, pledge to continue to hold our local government accountable to retain the trust of our community. 

Brent Hoffman


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