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Opinion: Science is never as settled as it seems

I wonder why we still use the term “settled science.” It was once settled science that the earth was flat. Columbus and Magellan didn’t think so. It was once settled science that the sun revolved around the earth. Galileo said not. It was once settled science according to Darwin and Sanger that some races were inferior to others. Then, no, they were equal. Now, maybe some are inferior after all, they say. 

When the pope OK’d evolution, I thought “uh-oh, another nail in the coffin of evolutionary theory.” 

It is settled science that the earth is warming up, and in 12 years it will be hotter than hell. Of course, some other ages have been hotter than this, probably caused by overdevelopment by aboriginal humans. 

It was once thought when a baby was born, you could tell if it was a boy or girl. Now, maybe not. Two plus two once equaled four, but that turned out to be a racist plot. 

If Dr. Fauci said eating cat manure would cure the virus, a lot of people would start digging in the litter box. I think about 90% of so-called science is crap.

Jimmy Echols