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Opinion: Marking Domestic Violence Month
domestic violence awareness
A purple ribbon flag flaps in the wind above the Lieutenant General John Archer Lejeune memorial circle representing the remembrance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. (USMC via Wikimedia Commons)

In the most recent statistics, the Georgia Commission on  Family Violence reported a 49% increase in domestic violence fatalities across Georgia from 2020 to 2021. More than 114,600 crisis calls were made to Georgia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Agencies, a 20% increase from 2020.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and again this year, Georgia Legal Services urges all Georgians to support domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. GLSP provides civil legal services for survivors in Hall County and  surrounding  counties.

Georgia Legal Services attorneys help survivors to obtain Protective Orders, Stalking Orders, or Dating Violence orders. We can also help with the financial independence that most survivors need to establish before they can leave violent homes. Child support, healthcare for themselves and their children, food security through SNAP, CAPs-Child Care, Rental Assistance, and Victims Compensation are financial programs that may be available to survivors.

“For family violence survivors, their own homes can be the most dangerous place on earth. The pandemic has increased this threat of violence because of the resulting economic downturn,” says Wendy Glasbrenner, Managing Attorney in the Gainesville office.

Help GLSP get the word out to those who need help. Survivors can contact Georgia Legal Services at

Wendy Glasbrenner