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Opinion: Liberals sell bad ideas about opportunity for minorities

While in the fifth grade, my son told me a teacher was not being fair to him. I told him life is not fair. I added that at some point he has to learn to deal with difficult people. 

I asked if he wanted me to talk to her. He said he would take care of it. As an adult, he told me that was the best advice I had ever given him. 

Liberals tell minorities that they can’t be successful because they are victims of White privilege. Oprah is a self-made multibillionaire Black woman. Obama was president of the U.S. Success Academy, which is over 90% minorities, is academically the top high school in New York state. They and many others have proven those liberals are wrong — and harmful to those who believe them. 

Life must be miserable for someone who has been convinced they can’t be successful because of something beyond their control. 

Democrat politicians promise equity. The mean average income in the U.S. is about $60K. When they start giving their income above $60K and their assets above the average to the rest of us, then we can believe them. Until then, they are just trying to buy our vote. 

Life is not fair. Few of us will be rich and fewer will be president. If life were fair, I would look more like Dwayne Johnson than Danny DeVito. The best we can hope for is equality of opportunity. 

Those of us who can help others should, but the only sane personal goal is to do the best we can, understand that we will sometimes fail, appreciate what success we achieve and avoid naysayers who steal our dreams. I recommend reading “Desiderata.” There is a lot of wisdom about happiness in life there.

Mike McConnell


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