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Opinion: Leaders should stop fighting, be responsible
08052020 TrumpBiden
Joe Biden, left, and Donald Trump, right.

The president and the elected president serve as parents to the citizens of the USA. 

The business owners and employees are the children of these leaders and parents. 

The virus we are now faced with does affect all people and business that help us to live, work, be healthy to overcome things to return us to a normal way of living. 

My wife and I opened up our homes to teenage girls and the mentally ill to help them to a better way of living now and in the future of their life. I also worked in the juvenile court system for children that were neglected, abused and up for guardian care. 

When parents can stop fighting over money or pride as well as power and get back to their responsibilities to their children, everyone comes out a winner. 

All of us people living in this country are hoping this will happen sooner rather than later. 

Mordecai Wilson 


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