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Opinion: Kemp seems to be fighting against health of Georgians
05162020 KEMP 5.jpg
Gov. Brian Kemp tours a COVID-19 testing site in Gainesville Friday, May 15, 2020, on Atlanta Highway. - photo by Scott Rogers

Several days ago, Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms issued a mandate to wear masks, joining other Georgia cities. By doing so, she incurred the wrath of Gov. Brian Kemp, who is opposed to mandating masks. 

The science is clear, as is the evidence, that masking is the single most powerful tool in defeating COVID-19. To object to that simple fact is to be willfully ignorant.  

Our governor is following the lead of our president as well as the lead of his fellow failed governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. There really is no valid argument against masking in public.  

The opponents of wearing a mask either do not understand the importance of wearing one, or choose to disregard the proof that is all around them.  

Regardless of his true personal reasons for countermanding Mayor Bottoms' mandate, the appearance is that Gov. Kemp is responding like a petulant child.  

By negating the order, Gov. Kemp is effectively fighting against the health of his citizens, and that is the greatest crime he could commit. 

Steven Collins 


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