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Opinion: Ignoring good Trump has done will be downfall of newspapers
Trump June 2020
President Donald Trump walks on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Sunday, June 14, 2020, after stepping off Marine One as he returns from his golf club in New Jersey. - photo by Associated Press

In a time when newspapers are trying to compete with the internet, one has to ask, who the hell reads a newspaper anymore? The answer: retired people like me, people who like to do the crossword puzzle. Why else buy one? 

Here’s the irony. Journalists think they are smart, compassionate and politically correct. But the real truth is “they know not what they do.” We are watching, and we are not happy. Rather than reporting facts, newspapers decided long ago to join the “woke” movement. Why report all the good things Trump has done for this country, and minorities, for that matter? No, no, no. Trump’s a bigot! Trump’s unfit! Trump has told 67,524 lies! 

Why report on a well-documented effort by the Obama FBI to destroy this presidency? Conspiracy theory! What about the economy, foreign policy, jobs, justice reform, defense, the borders? No, sorry, not newsworthy. All we have heard for four years is Russian collusion, coronavirus and race riots, all Trump’s fault, of course. 

There is only one problem with this business model. It is the poison pill. Trump is the lifeblood of the rag. With, ho hum, President Biden in the headlines, newspapers will soon go the way of PacMan, boom boxes and the American way.

Steve Ward


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