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Opinion: History, culture must be protected from left
06172020 OLDJOE 1.jpg
Protesters of the Confederate monument Old Joe in downtown Gainesville met Wednesday, June 17, 2020, to discuss its removal from the downtown public square. - photo by Scott Rogers

I’m writing in response to the destruction of the honor and heritage of the Southern people. The recent attacks on Old Joe and the future removal of the Confederate Monument in DeKalb County is appalling! 

As a descendant of men who served this state in the Confederate Army, I take it as a personal insult from these “politically correct” servants of the socialist destroyers of American liberty and free speech. 

The people of the South have a right to honor their ancestors who fought and died. These monuments and the display of the Confederate battle flag are part of our history, and just because some minority takes offense does not give them the right to stifle free speech and expression of the majority. 

I call upon the leaders of this state and nation to stand up to the misinformed people of the left, and to protect our history and our culture. 

Stacy Wade 


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