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Opinion: Government should not impose morality on others when it comes to abortion
10292017 SCOTUS
The United States Supreme Court building in Washington. - photo by Associated Press

Forty years after Roe vs. Wade, abortion is still a huge black hole in the political world. Will we ever be able to relegate it to the world of personal morality where it belongs? 

The framers of our Constitution understood this when they mandated a separation between church and state.  

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. 

You can make abortion illegal, but you cannot stop women from inducing their own abortion one way or another: coat hangers, throwing themselves down stairs, drinking toxic mixes of one kind or another. 

Then what? Punish the woman? How? Put her in jail? She may have more children at home who will suffer. You only hurt her family and friends. 

Punish the doctor? We need more family doctors, not less.  

Impose heavy fines? It might work, but it would likely drive the practice underground.  

Fine the hospital? It would only drive up the cost of medical care.  

Impose regulations that make it difficult and time consuming? The later the abortion, the more dangerous it becomes. 

And, if there’s a law on the books, remember, it costs money to take it to court. Who will pay for the prosecution, the paper work and the lawyers?  

Lastly, who will love and nurture the baby you “save”? 

Stop and think, good people. Why are you doing this? Why do you insist on imposing your morals on others? This issue is between the woman, her conscience and her God. 

Joan O. King