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Opinion: Disinformation on voting bill continues to spread

I found it very disheartening to read Robert Thorpe’s letter comparing the new voting bill to Jim Crow laws when his mother was young. 

This kind of liberal disinformation has been debunked repeatedly. Even Joe Biden got 4 Pinnochios for spreading these lies. 

The new bill actually increases early voting times and still allows for no excuse absentee voting. The only wrinkle is that you need to have a form of photo ID. 72% of Americans, including 56% of Blacks recently polled agreed photo ID was necessary for voter integrity. This keeps anyone from cheating.

I find it incredible that with all the different activities that require a photo ID this would be a problem. If I were a person of color, I would be angry that the detractors of the bill are insinuating that people of color are not bright enough to get an ID if they do not have one. 

Please stop saying that the 2020 election had zero fraud and this is only to appease Trump voters. If you listen to the entire phone conversation of Trump and the secretary of state, the part saying he needs to find votes was taken out of context. 

We need to have fair and honest elections with proper controls to make sure all votes are legal votes. Please read and understand what is going on instead of always dropping the race card.

Craig Matakis

Flowery Branch

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