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Opinion: Democrats’ vision will destroy this country
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May I offer some plain talk on the upcoming election?  The choice is clear and the consequences far reaching. Since the 2016 election, one of the major parties has been seized by a progressive/socialist coalition whose agenda is antithetical to our nation’s founding principles.  

Their goal is to destroy our 233-year-old constitutional government devised with checks and balances to ensure that the freedom of the individual citizen is guaranteed.    

This new Democratic Party assisted by a hopelessly compromised national media deliberately put the country through four years of a false Russian collusion narrative, followed by a ginned up Ukraine scandal and continued on to a phony impeachment. After refusing to recognize the results of the 2016 election and trying to oust the duly elected president they now want you to place them in charge of your government. Does that make sense to you? 

Consider the Trump administration’s record. It is a list of campaign promises made and kept, a hard-nosed and practical foreign policy with a resolute stand against Chinese expansion, a common sense approach to immigration with secure borders, deregulation and a tax cut that led directly to a robust economy with the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, the nomination of two Supreme Court justices who have proven to be excellent jurists, the USMCA trade agreement and continued negotiations to obtain a level playing field abroad for American business and agriculture. 

Now consider the Democrat agenda of free health care, open borders paired with free health care for illegal aliens, universal amnesty and failure to deport criminal illegal aliens, free college and the unimplementable Green New Deal (which would certainly collapse the current energy sector of the economy). Add to these, crushing taxation to pay for it and expanded regulation of every aspect of our lives. 

The first order of business in a Democrat-majority Senate is to eliminate the filibuster rule allowing for the expansion and packing of the Supreme Court with compliant justices.  

This year the howling mobs of social media have spilled onto our streets with the attendant physical assaults, arson, looting and wanton destruction of public and private property. Progressive Democrat governance has made this possible. 

Let us not forget the pandemic, which ended the previously mentioned robust economy. This federal government has done everything it can to mitigate the disease. If you are looking for a politician of any party to save you from COVID-19, then consider this. It is a virus. Until a vaccine is available, responsibility for your health is yours and yours alone. And when a vaccine is available, have the good sense to take it. 

Ignore the media promoted pie fight and cast a cold eye on the issues and policies of the contenders this November. Then ask yourself what makes sense to you and what does not. It’s not difficult. In the voting booth you are beyond the reach of hectoring and intimidation. Vote as though the survival of our republic depends on you. It does. 

Bob Boyd 


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